How to Dress for Your Winter Beach Vacation
Posted by SSM | Tuesday, November 26, 2019

How to Dress forYour Winter Beach Vacation

Are you preparing for a winter trip to North Myrtle Beach? Often when you hear the words beach and vacation, its easy to think of swimwear and summer outfits. During the winter months, the weather is pretty mild, and t-shirts and shorts are perfect during the daytime. Nighttime, however, can get a bit chilly. A night out on the town during cooler weather requires an appropriate wardrobe. As you begin to browse your closet (or shop for new threads) in anticipation of your trip, here are some things to keep in mind.

Dont Sacrifice Comfort for Style

Don't sacrifice comfort for style

A key to looking good is feeling comfortable in your clothes. Selecting an outfit for a night out can be challenging since the temperatures often quickly drop as the sun goes down. You will want to incorporate style, comfort, and warmth in your choice of nightlife attire. Two essential things to take into consideration while getting dressed are your outerwear and shoes.

Your outerwear certainly can polish off your look, but it also needs to keep warm. A lightweight coat or a blanket scarf are popular choices. Consider a blanket scarf with a belt that chinches at the waist, and your look will stand out.

A pair of great shoes can pull the entire outfit together. Make sure your shoes fit well, and choose a heel height that is complimentary but also allows you flexible mobility.

Night Out at a Show

Night out at a show

One good thing about spending an evening at a show or entertainment venue is that you will be inside. This allows for a fun and relaxing evening--where you dont have to worry about staying warm. A casual outfit will work well for a low-key night. Consider a pair of dark jeans with a blouse, paired with flats or ankle boots. This look is simple yet attractive.

Night Out at a Restaurant

Night out at a restaurant

If you are heading out to a fancy dinner with friends or family, fine dining calls for a polished look. While there are a few ways to achieve this particular style, the best choice is wearing tailored pieces. For instance, a suit with a patterned blouse or a blazer and tailored pants are great choices. Alternatively, a casual dress would work..
If fine dining isnt your destination, a relaxed dinner with friends or family can be a perfect time for a pair of jeans and a cute t-shirt. To make an otherwise simple outfit turn stylish, pair with dressy shoes, and add some jewelry for a personal touch.

Night Out for a Business or Company Party

Night out at a company party

When attending an annual company party or festive business engagement, your goal is to keep an image that reflects your professionalism yet also shows your personality and own sense of style. A strategic blend of smart and casual attire is the best option.

To achieve this cute and practical look, pair well-fitted casual clothes such as jeans and tees or Polo shirts with classic blazers, cardigans, or stylish sweaters. Together, youve got a timeless, classy outfit that mixes business with pleasure.

Whether youre headed to a fancy restaurant, indoor entertainment show, or a casual dinner with friends, dressing the part is an essential part of going out while on vacation. Hopefully, these few fashion tips will help you be both stylish and comfortable during the cool winter nights in North Myrtle Beach.


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