Scammers impersonating Santee Cooper are targeting business and residential customers
Posted by Century 21 Thomas Blogger | Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Scammers are targeting business and residential customers, and Santee Cooper don't want you to become a victim of fraud.

Many businesses and residents in the area are being hit by scammers identifying themselves as representing Santee Cooper.

We ask you to be on high alert! Never pay if you are called and asked to pay within a specific time frame or with a specific type of payment (card). 

Please go to a local office or call Santee Cooper's local number (843-249-3505) to verify or make any payment.

Remember, Santee Cooper will NEVER:

  • Ask you to supply your credit card number unless you are applying for new service and require a security deposit
  • Request banking information unless you initiate the conversation
  •  Email or text you and demand payment
  • Ask you to pay through a money transfer or with a prepaid credit/debit card
  • Make forceful demands for immediate payment and threaten to show up at your business or residence
If you happen to receive a call and feel pressured, hang up and call one of Santee Cooper's Customer Care representatives at 843-249-3505. Do NOT use the number provided to you by the caller.

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