Hurricane Matthew Update - October 8, 3 PM
Posted by Century 21 Thomas Blogger | Saturday, October 8, 2016

City of North Myrtle Beach - Oct. 8 2016, 2 PM

Based on the 2PM National Weather Service update, the Eye of the hurricane came over the Grand Strand around 2PM, with the center of rotation near Forestbrook.

The majority of the heaviest rain bands went to the west of us, although there is a possibility some of those bands could circulate back around as the Eye passes by this afternoon and early evening....

We made it through hightide and are waiting to see if Storm Surge levels slowly recede as the tide goes out. There will be another high tide in the very early morning of October 9 and we will see what transpires with that Tidal Surge. It should be a less intrusive experience, given the change in wind direction and the progress of the storm.

Winds should begin to taper off for us as the Eye passes but we need to be aware that the winds could push eastward on the backside of the storm and a few gale or storm force winds are still possible.

Roads to Cherry Grove are still impassable.

Several other streets are also still under water, also due to Tidal Surge.

The accompanying photo was taken by Harold Worley from the 12th floor of the Ocean Drive Resort. That is ocean water visiting the Horseshoe and part of Main Street via the Tidal Surge. The photo was taken about two hours before high tide

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