Evacuation Order in Place for Zone “A” in Horry County/North Myrtle Beach
Posted by Century 21 Thomas Blogger | Thursday, October 6, 2016

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has issued an evacuation order for Zone A in Horry and Georgetown counties to officially begin at noon (12:00 p.m.) today, Thursday, October 6. 

Zone A includes all areas east of U.S. Business 17 (Kings Hwy), up to the intersection with U.S. 17 (Kings Hwy) and all areas east of US 17 (Kings Hwy) to the Northern county line.  In addition, evacuations include all low-lying areas, mobile homes, and campground sites.

Lane reversals are not anticipated on Highway 501, but law enforcement is prepared to implement reversals if needed.

To support the evacuation, American Red Cross shelters will open at 12:00 p.m. today for individuals who must evacuate.

Individuals are reminded to secure their property before they evacuate.  Shelters should be considered as a place of last resort to ride out the storm, shelters may be crowded, do not accept pets and are not designed for comfort.  When going to a shelter, citizens will need to take their own supplies such as batteries, bedding, identification, toiletries, clothing, and so forth. Shelters do not accept guns, alcohol or animals.

Be aware that, if you are located in Zone A and decide not to evacuate, there may come a point in the passing of this hurricane that Public Safety personnel cannot come to your rescue due to excessive wind speeds and/or major flooding of roadways. When you make the decision not to evacuate, you are then accepting the practical fact that you may be placing yourself in grave danger.

Once the Governor rescinds the evacuation order, North Myrtle Beach will activate its Re-Entry Plan. 

Re-Entry for Residents & Property Owners

Re-Entry will be allowed only after City personnel have determined that an area is safer for re-entry. If damage has occurred that is a threat to safety, re-entry will be delayed until the situation has been rectified. The Citys goal over all is to get people back in to North Myrtle Beach as soon as things are safe so that you can participate in recovery.

Re-entry for Property Owners

        Property owners should have proper identification to gain admittance.  Identification may include a valid government issued photo ID card showing the location of the property. 

         Out of state property owners with residential or commercial properties within the affected area(s) must show a valid government issued photo identification and current documentation to verify the need for re-entry such as a utility bill, deed, property tax notice, etc

Re-Entry for Business Owners & Essential Employees

        Business owners/operators will need proper identification to gain admittance to impacted areas, such as, a current business license, company photo ID card, lease documents or other official documents showing the location of the property and as a valid drivers license.

        Essential staff/employees will also need proper identification such as a valid drivers license and an essential employee authorization letter on official company letterhead provided by the business.  This letter should include a request for admittance, the employees name and be signed by the business owner/operator.

Be very aware that the forecast for Hurricane Matthew may change as the storm gets closer to our coastline.

The City of North Myrtle Beach will continue to post information regarding Hurricane Matthew prior to, during and following the storm via these outlets:

Those who experience medical and other emergencies during the storm may call 911.

For non-emergencies (trees down across a roadway, electrical wires down across a roadway, etc.), call 843-281-3705. That number is associated with the North Myrtle Beach Emergency Operations Center.

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