RESULTS: August 15 City Council Meeting
Posted by Century 21 Thomas Blogger | Tuesday, August 16, 2016

North MyrtleBeach, SC August 15, 2016 DuringtheAugust 15 NorthMyrtleBeach CityCouncilmeeting,Zoning Enforcement Officer Dorian Dixonwas named Employee of the Month. Every summer the zoning division must address minor violations of the citys sign, tent and merchandise regulations, primarily by seasonal businesses. Seasonal businesses that have such violations tend to report violations being committed by their business competitors as competition for customers escalates during the summer months. Instead of having to issue dozens of citations for these violations, Dixon has done an extremely good job of using his diplomatic skills to achieve businesses compliance with city regulations, and he often achieves more peaceful interaction among competing businesses.
Dixon has also been positively singled out by residents for his assistance in helping to effectively address instances of disallowed home occupations in residential neighborhoods.
City Council also provided Employee Longevity Awardsto nine employees. Receiving awards were Public Safety OfficerJoshua Stevens(five years of service), Public Safety OfficerAndrew Franklin(5), Public Safety OfficerAustin Bratton(5), Firefighter/EMTCraig Young(5), Firefighter/EMTJames Johnson(5), Motor Equipment OperatorJames Gore(10), Public Safety Officer/Lifeguard CoordinatorMunro Reed(10), Public Safety Officer/Lifeguard CoordinatorDonald Constransitch(10), and Pump Mechanic IIChristopher Wright(15).
Council passed second (final) reading of an ordinanceannexing and zoning as R-1 (Single Family, Low Density Residential) one lot located in the Riverside Campground Subdivision. The property is located on Lot 2 within the Riverside Campground Subdivision off Little River Neck Road and is occupied by an existing detached single-family house. Surrounding land uses are vacant (Esperanza PDD within North Myrtle Beach's jurisdiction), Fire Station #4 (within North Myrtle Beach's jurisdiction) and single-family residential homes (within both jurisdictions).
Council passed second reading of an ordinanceapproving the First Amendment to the Amended and Restated Development Agreement regarding the Robber's Roost PDD. The amendment to the development agreement clarifies the responsibilities of the various parties to the agreement regarding the cost of improvements to 11th Avenue North and Sea Hope Way.
City Council approved a request for a special event permit by the Grand Strand Running Clubfor the September 17, 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m., BFF Pink Ribbon Run 5K/10K at Barefoot Resort. The event is a fundraiser for Susan G. Komen and other charities. The city is a co-sponsor.
City Council approved a request for a special event permitby The Society of Stranders (SOS) for the September 18, 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m., SOS Fun Sunday. The event will be held on 1stAvenue South between Ocean Boulevard and Hillside Drive.
City Council approved a request for a special event permitby The Society of Stranders (SOS) for the September 19, 12:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m., SOS Fun Monday. The event will be held on Main Street between Ocean Boulevard and Hillside Drive.
City Council passed a Resolutionapproving policies and procedures for tax-advantaged debt. City bond counsel Theo Dubose of Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, P.A. advised that the city adopt the policies and procedures associated with the issuance of tax-advantaged bonds in order to ensure compliance with the various legal requirements associated with this type of debt.
Council tabled until its September 19 meeting second reading of an ordinanceto petition rezoning of one lot approximately 6.4 acres in size located on Main Street from HC (Highway Commercial) to PDD (Planned Development District).
City Council passed a Resolutionto authorize the Main Street Parking District Facility Plan, establishing an optional "fee in lieu" of parking.
During an August 1 meeting, City Council approved a fee in lieu ordinance, which allows a property owner to pay into a public parking development fund in lieu of providing their own required parking. The monies in the fund will be used to establish additional public parking in the Main Street area.
The Resolution passed at the August 15 meeting establishes the Main Street Parking District Facility Plan, which encompasses an area within the Main Street Priority Investment Activity Center Overlay. Within this area, property owners now have the option of establishing their own required parking or paying a fee in lieu to the city set at $25,000 per parking space. The monies collected will be used to establish public parking within the investment area bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, 2ndAvenue North on the north, 2ndAvenue South on the south, and Oak Drive on the west.
EMPLOYEE LONGEVITY AWARDS: L-R: James Johnson, City Manager Mike Mahaney, Christopher Wright, James Gore, Craig Young, Andrew Franklin, Austin Bratton, Joshua Stevens, Monty Reed, Donald Constransitch.
EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH: L-R: City Manager Mike Mahaney, Dorian Dixon.

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