Hurricane Irma Notice - September 7 - 10:00 A.M.
Posted by Century 21 Thomas Blogger | Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hurricane Irma is still a very strong Category 5 storm and continues to move through the islands towards Florida. 
The National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecast has Irma making an expected turn to the North and heading toward South Carolina. 

The accompanying photo showing wind speeds provides you with some idea of when we could feel the impacts of 40mph tropical storm force winds associated with Irma, IF the storm adheres to the currently forecast track. We know Irma will turn north but exactly when remains uncertain, and there is still significant spread as to where it might travel after making its turn to the north. 

Dont forget that the track that is emphasized is a snapshot of one tracking model. Please do not focus solely on the black dots as there is a lot of room to either side within the error cone. While the forecast has a possible landfall at the Georgia/South Carolina line, a high chance remains for a direct landfall in our area.  

The one bit of better news is that the NHC forecast has Irma weakening as it moves north due to possible interaction with land. However, if Irma moves over the open water further away from Florida that could change. 

Our best advice is repetitive but necessary: Make preparations to leave. That way, if the storm does become more threatening to us and an evacuation is determined to be necessary, you will only have to jump in the car and go.


If you do not have a plan, we recommend that you visit which offers good advice on how to prepare for a hurricane. The storm is still far enough out that you do have time to effectively prepare for it, should it head this way.


IF an evacuation is ordered in the future (none has been ordered at this time), the order will refer to Zones. If you are not familiar with the Zone in which you reside in Horry County or North Myrtle Beach, you can access the information via this link: If the link does not work for your, visit 

As we learn more, we will post information that pertains to our area on, Facebook/cityofnmb and Twitter @cityofnmb. We will also continue to use our Email News Groups.

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