Hurricane Irma Notice - Sept. 6 - 4:00 P.M.
Posted by Century 21 Thomas Blogger | Thursday, September 7, 2017

S.C. Governor Henry McMaster declared a state of emergency today, September 6, following information from state forecasters who warned Hurricane Irma could be a major hurricane when and if it reaches South Carolina.

The executive order permits state agencies to coordinate their efforts if a weather emergency arises.


While a turn to the north is looking more and more likely by later this weekend, the uncertainty with the track and subsequent impacts remains high, especially for the Carolinas.


Its too early to tell what specific surge, wind, rainfall, and tornado impacts could occur. However, regardless of the ultimate track of the storm the combination of above normal astronomical tides and large wave action is likely to cause beach erosion, which can further damage vulnerable coastal infrastructure previously damaged by Matthew.


-- People should ensure they have their hurricane plan in place. The time for initial preparations is now. Please monitor official and credible sources for further information.

-- Ensure that your supplies are in order and know what your family would do if evacuations are ordered.

-- Remember that there are large track errors in long-range hurricane predictions. Also, the error cone is not an impact cone. Impacts can occur outside of this cone.


If you do not have a plan, we recommend that you visit which offers good advice on how to prepare for a hurricane. The storm is still far enough out that you do have time to effectively prepare for it, should it head this way.


IF an evacuation is ordered in the future (none has been ordered at this time), the order will refer to Zones. If you are not familiar with the Zone in which you reside in Horry County or North Myrtle Beach, you can access the information via this link: If the link does not work for your,

As we learn more, we will post information that pertains to our area on, Facebook/cityofnmb and Twitter @cityofnmb. We will also continue to use our Email News Groups.

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