Traditional Cinco De Mayo Drinks
Posted by Century21Thomas | Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cinco de Mayo is a traditional holiday that is associated with Mexican culture, but is actually celebrated more noticeably in the United States. Many people choose to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with quality Mexican cuisine and other cultural elements, including popular Mexican-themed cocktails. These Cinco do Mayo drinks are some of the most commonly associated with Mexican culture and provide a traditional taste for your celebration.

Traditional Margarita

The original margarita is one of the most commonly associated with Mexican culture, with a Spanish name and a primary ingredient of tequila. Combine tequila with lime juice and triple sec to make this drink, and serve it in a traditional margarita glass. Be sure to serve it with a lime wedge, and salt the rim for the full experience.


Sangria is another traditional Mexican drink commonly served on Cinco de Mayo. Use a base of four cups of grapefruit juice and add in three cups of Riesling wine. Mix in one and a half cups of ginger ale and some slices of citrus fruit and serve into glasses from a pitcher filled with ice.

Cranberry Mojito

The variations of the basic mojito are nearly endless, often being based on different types of fruit. The cranberry mojito is one of the most commonly served during Cinco de Mayo festivities. Mix cranberry juice with rum, lime juice, sugar and mint leaves. Garnish with an optional sprig of mint.


The paloma is a powerful drink with a Mexican origin. Mix tequila and lime juice with grapefruit soda or grapefruit juice with soda water. Add in a pinch of salt and garnish with a lime wedge to complete the image.

Try these traditional Cinco de Mayo drinks at your next Mexican-themed celebration. Serve multiple varieties, and allow your guests to choose from some of the most delectable and traditional cocktails available.

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