Police Officer Donald Keith Williams Earns City's 2016 Safety Employee Of The Year Award
Posted by Century 21 Thomas Blogger | Monday, February 27, 2017

On February 21, Police Officer Donald Keith Williams was presented with the City's 2016 Safety Employee of the Year Award.

His nomination for the award documented how, immediately following the passage of Hurricane Matthew through North Myrtle Beach, he took the initiative and asked his supervisors to allow him to work closely with the Street Division to deploy four-way stop signs at major intersections throughout the city where traffic signals had failed. This action prevented many vehicle accidents and it also allowed Police Officers stationed at the intersections to return to normal patrol duties.
On another occasion Officer Williams used his experience and skills to assist a wrecker service struggling to remove a heavily damaged vehicle from a dangerous situation. When Officer Williams arrived on scene, he recognized several safety issues and stepped in to assist. With his help the vehicle was safely recovered in about 15 minutes.

We congratulate Officer Williams on receiving this award, and we thank him for his commitment and innovation in always seeking "Safety First" for himself, his co-workers, and the public.
Left to right in the accompanying photo are City Safety Specialist Joe Turner, Police Officer Donald Keith Williams, and Public Safety Director Jay Fernandez.

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