City Close to Completing Removal of Damaged Sand Fencing Posts From its 9 Miles of Beach
Posted by Century 21 Thomas Blogger | Tuesday, February 14, 2017

When the last beach renourishment project was accomplished along the City's nine miles of beach, sand fencing was installed along the completed project. The fencing helps keep people off the dunes and it also plays a role in catching and retaining sand for the dunes.

Hurricane Matthew destroyed or severely damaged a lot of the sand fencing. Crews have been removing the fence posts and are nearing the end of that work. New sand fencing will be installed when the next beach renourishment project has been completed. The fencing sits on the dune structure.

City officials have been working hard toward the next beach renourishment effort. The Army Corps of Engineer's Design is 95% complete, and the Mayor and City Council have met with the City Manager to review the proposed emergency renourishment.

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