At this point in time an evacuation has NOT been ordered but as we ask you to prep for that possibility, depending on Irma’s final track, it is only right that we also let you know the city’s reentry procedures following a hurricane. They are as follows:

 — The City of North Myrtle Beach does not require filing residency or business information prior to a storm.

 — When reentering the city of North Myrtle Beach after a hurricane property owners, renters and business owners should be prepared to show reentry checkpoint personnel either their drivers license, a copy of a recent water bill or property tax bill, a rental agreement, or other form of identity that proves residency or property ownership within the city.

 — Owners of businesses with employees who do not reside within the city limits but are essential to recovery of a business should provide those employees with a letter written on company letterhead identifying them as being essential to the recovery of the business. When identifying an employee, please use their name as shown on their drivers license so that authorities can match the two for verification.

 Be aware that these procedures apply only to the City of North Myrtle Beach. Other jurisdictions may have their own requirements.

 The City of North Myrtle Beach makes every effort to get its property owners back in as soon as possible following a hurricane because together we can all hasten recovery. However, reentry is completely dependent on the extent of damage that occurs from a hurricane. Our primary objectives following a storm are search and rescue, the identification and closure of hazardous areas, and the prevention of access to properties by those who have no business being there. Patience is always appreciated and helpful.

 The accompanying NOAA graphic shows the September 7, 11:00am projected track of Hurricane Irma. Again, don’t concentrate only on the black dots. The potential remains for Irma to track anywhere within the cone or beyond.