A groundbreaking new amusement park is coming to Myrtle Beach in Spring 2021: the Funplex Amusement Park!

The park is will be located by the beach at 1405 North Ocean Boulevard and will feature 7 amusement park rides. The Funplex Amusement Park’s most exciting ride is the interactive 360 degree ride, the tallest flying jet ride in existence and the first on the Northern American continent.

Funplex Amusement Park

The “Fun in the Sun” rollercoaster will also have a 360 degree vehicle set to spin in similar fashion to a hamster wheel.

The fun doesn’t stop there, as the park will offer other ride like the Hook and Slice, Sunny Day, Up and Overboard, and Hang Ten. When you get hungry, just stop by the Off The Coast Beach Bar and Grill, a two-sided walk-up restaurant serving a beach bar-inspired menu: seafood, bar selections, beer, and tropical frozen drinks.

Make sure to add the Funplex Amusement Park to your next beach vacation for an exciting fun experience!

Funplex map

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