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Score the golf vacation of a lifetime!

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A Thomas Golf Vacation is your time to golf the way you want to; relax the way you want to; and leave your worries behind. That’s the advantage of working with a seasoned team of golf professionals who know the golf pros, the courses/conditions, the best packages and pricing. The result is a completely customized package for you and your party.CLICK for more information on our Multi-Round Golf Vacation deals.

Whatever the size or needs of your group, the diversity of our accommodations gives you selection and space.

Want extras such as game rooms with pool tables, grills for cookouts, private pool? No problem.

It’s your golf vacation. Make it the best one ever!
Our golf directors will make it EASY for you.

Something about golf at the shore…how it reunites old friends, creating special memories in our hearts FORE-ever more

“Thank you very much for going above and beyond to make this year’s Myrtle trip a memorable one. Thanks again for your hard work and extra effort.
What could have been a disastrous trip because of the hurricane turned out to be one of our best.”… Rich from Windsor, VA

“I appreciate what you, Jim, and Candace did for our golf trip this year. Superior service, patience and great coordination on all your parts. All aspects of the trip worked out great – from the location of the houses and proximity to golf courses, the amenities and the courses. We really appreciate how you and your team worked with us.” … Andy from Peachtree Corner, GA