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Thomas Beach Vacations Owner Services Team

Andy Thomas

Owner Services Director
Desk Direct: 843.273.3045
Toll-Free: 866.249.2100, Ext. 3045
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Debbie Hardee 1.jpg

Debbie Hardee

Owner Services | Business Development
Desk Direct: 843.273.3024
Toll-Free: 866.249.2100, Ext. 3024
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Jaquline Ramsey 1.jpg

Jacqueline Ramsey

Owner Services Representative
Desk Direct: 843.273.3065
Toll-Free: 866.249.2100, Ext. 3065
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Tara Ellis

Owner Services Representative
Desk Direct: 843.273.3030
Toll-Free: 866.249.2100, Ext. 3030
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Kevin Funderburk 1.jpg

Kevin Funderburk

Owner Services/Property Services Coordinator
Desk Direct: 843.273.3038
Toll-Free: 866.249.2100, Ext. 3038
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April Spivey

Owner Services Assistant
Desk Direct: 843.273.3063
Toll-Free: 866.249.2100, Ext. 3063
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April Spivey 1.jpg

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