As people practice social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak, many will find themselves in the position of working remotely from home. But this presents new challenges for both managers and members of work teams. Follow these guidelines for a less stressful process that generate normal levels of productivity when working from home.

Don’t work from the couch – Create a work-leisure boundary. Your couch is not your office. You can focus better if you define a clear work space.

Create a work routine – Set up a clearly defined time to work in the morning and afternoon, with enough time for breaks. Try to keep the same hours until they become a routine.

Include physical activity – Work is important, but so is the physical activity both for your body and for the mind.

Avoid extreme isolation – Do not increase the loneliness factor beyond a normal level during the pandemic. Some people find after companionship at the office working from home can lead to loneliness issues. Consider outdoor activities while following the social distancing guidelines.

Over-communicate – Compensate for the lack of body language you would typically exhibit during face-to-face interaction with colleagues. It’s better to over communicate through things such as video conferencing, phone calls and email correspondence.

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