A Year of Festivities: North Myrtle Beach’s Celebratory Tapestry

North Myrtle Beach, where the sun’s golden rays dance on the ocean’s surface, and the community’s warmth envelops every visitor, is a vibrant stage for an array of festivals and events. These celebrations are the heartbeat of the area, showcasing the rich culture and welcoming spirit of the locals and offering many unforgettable experiences. North Myrtle Beach is a beacon of joy and community spirit, from the lively St. Patrick’s Day festivities to the unique charm of area traditions and seasonal events.

St. Patrick's Day Parade

St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival – March 16, 2024
The St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival transforms Main Street into a vibrant sea of green, with floats, music, and dance—creating an atmosphere of communal joy. This event is a beloved tradition, drawing families and friends together to celebrate with Irish flair. The parade showcases the creativity of the community, with elaborately decorated floats and participants donned in festive attire. At the same time, the festival offers a day filled with live entertainment, delicious food, and activities that embody the spirit of Ireland right in the heart of North Myrtle Beach. More Info

SOS Spring Safari

SOS Parade – Spring Safari – April 27, 2024
April in North Myrtle Beach is marked by the SOS Spring Safari Parade, a celebration of the shag dance. Main Street comes alive with dancers, music, and spectators, all gathered to enjoy the spectacle and participate in the dance that has become synonymous with the area. The parade is a highlight of the Spring Safari, showcasing the vibrant shagging community and inviting everyone to join in the fun, making it a must-see event for both shag enthusiasts and those new to the dance. More Info

World Famous Blue Crab Festival

Littler River Blue Crab Festival – May 18 & 19, 2024
Held annually in May in Little River, the Littler River Blue Crab Festival celebrates the region’s rich seafood heritage, spotlighting the blue crab, a South Carolina culinary staple. The event combines fresh seafood, live music, and diverse vendors into a three-day festivity that draws food lovers and families. It’s a feast for the taste buds and a deep dive into the local fishing industry’s traditions and significance—set against the scenic backdrop of the Little River waterfront. More Info

Summer Concerts

Sounds of Summer Concert Series – June 21 – September 20, 2024 (Third Friday of Each Month)
The Sounds of Summer Concert Series offers a perfect way to spend warm summer evenings, with a lineup of bands that cater to diverse musical tastes. Held at the North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex, this series of free concerts invites the community to gather, relax, and enjoy music under the stars. From beach music to rock and jazz, the concerts provide a soundtrack for summer nights, making it an ideal event for families, friends, and music lovers. More Info

Happy 4th of July

4th of July Celebration
North Myrtle Beach’s 4th of July celebration is a vibrant display of patriotism featuring beach games, concerts, and a stunning fireworks show over the ocean. This summer highlight gathers families and visitors to revel in the nation’s independence, with the beach and night sky bursting into color. Beyond the fireworks, it’s a day filled with sunshine, fun, and American spirit, where the community’s pride and unity shine as brightly as the pyrotechnics. More Info

Irish Italian International Festival – September 28, 2024
The Irish-Italian International Festival in North Myrtle Beach is a vibrant celebration that combines the rich traditions of Irish and Italian cultures. Main Street comes alive with live music, authentic cuisine, and a festive atmosphere. Attendees can enjoy everything from Irish stews to Italian pastas, alongside arts and crafts vendors and a children’s area with fun activities. Highlights include the lively spaghetti eating contest, making this festival a delightful experience for all ages. It’s a day where cultural heritage and community spirit unite, creating unforgettable memories in the heart of North Myrtle Beach. More Info

Little River Shrimpfest

Little River ShrimpfestOctober 12 & 13, 2024
October in Little River means Shrimpfest, a festival that honors the local shrimp industry and the Lowcountry’s flavorful cuisine. Attendees can savor shrimp in countless preparations, enjoy live music, and explore a vendor market, all while soaking in Little River’s inviting atmosphere. Shrimpfest is a community celebration of the area’s culinary roots and the shrimp’s economic significance, featuring activities for all ages, culinary demos, and boat tours for a weekend packed with discovery and delight. More Info

Photo courtesy: Myrtle Beach Sun News

Loris Bog-Off Festival – October 19, 2024
The Loris Bog-Off Festival, focusing on the local culinary delight known as chicken bog, is a testament to the area’s culinary heritage and community spirit. Celebrating over three decades of tradition, this festival features live music, crafts, and the Bog-Off competition, where chefs vie to create the best version of this beloved dish. The festival highlights the unique flavors of the region and is a community day of fun, food, and celebration. More Info


A Calendar Filled with Celebration
North Myrtle Beach’s festival calendar reflects the area’s vibrant culture, welcoming community, and endless opportunities for fun and celebration. Each event, from the festive to the culinary, invites visitors to immerse themselves in the local lifestyle, meet new friends, and create lifetime memories.

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