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Big Chill Island House

Big Chill Island House

Step into the relaxed atmosphere of Big Chill Island House, a culinary haven located at 4736 Hwy 17 S in North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582. This charming establishment invites you to savor island-inspired cuisine that celebrates the vibrant flavors of the Carolina coast. From fresh seafood delicacies to classic American favorites, their menu offers a delightful fusion of culinary trends and coastal traditions.

Indulge in their featured menu items, such as the tantalizing Tuna Nikkei Ceviche, expertly crafted with ginger, lemongrass-infused coconut milk, and ponzu-marinated tuna, served alongside crispy plantain chips. Quench your thirst with a Sunset Margarita, served frozen or on the rocks, boasting a delightful blend of tequila, triple sec, house-made sour mix, and a splash of orange juice with a hint of strawberry puree. For a hearty and comforting meal, don't miss their Birria Beef Ramen, featuring slow-cooked short ribs, ramen noodles, and a rich chili-infused broth topped with soft-boiled egg, avocado, and fresh herbs.

Whether you're seeking a refreshing Painkilla cocktail or craving the indulgent flavors of our Island House Lobster Roll, Big Chill Island House promises an unforgettable dining experience that celebrates the essence of coastal living. Visit them today or explore their menu at For inquiries or reservations, call (843) 491-9949.

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