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Salty Brews Cafe

Salty Brews Cafe is set to open its doors at 223 Sea Mountain Highway in North Myrtle Beach, offering a unique blend of flavors and experiences. This new cafe will cater to both the early risers looking for a morning boost and the evening crowd in search of a relaxing spot to unwind. With a menu that combines the freshness of beach-inspired dishes with the comfort of your favorite drinks, Salty Brews Cafe is poised to become a go-to destination for locals and tourists alike. The menu at Salty Brews Cafe features a diverse range of options, from light and healthy salads to hearty wraps and beach bowls. For those with a taste for Mexican fare, the cafe offers an array of nachos and tacos, alongside specialty sushi rolls that promise a delightful culinary adventure. Complementing the food selections, the beverage menu includes freshly brewed coffee, a selection of beers and wines, and refreshing mimosas, perfect for sipping by the seaside. Whether you're starting your day or capping off an evening, Salty Brews Cafe invites you to relax, enjoy, and indulge in a taste of the beach.

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