Gov. McMaster Orders Closure of Public Access to State's Beaches & Waterways |

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Update March 31, 3 pm


The City of North Myrtle Beach is following the Governor’s Order 2020-16 and is closing public parking lots, public beach accesses, public boat ramps, and other public facilities.

The Governor’s Order does not apply to private access or facilities.

The Governor’s Order does not close the beach.

If people are on the beach, the City’s Beach Patrol will enforce the Governor’s requirement that, except for family units, groups of 3 or more persons must disperse and achieve social distancing.

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March 30, 2020

Governor Henry McMaster today issued Executive Order 2020-16, which orders the closure of all public access points to the state’s beaches, as well as closure of all public boat ramps, landings and other access points on the state’s lakes, rivers and waterways.

This order is effective immediately.

“As a result of behavior observed this past weekend by the Department of Natural Resources and SLED, it has become necessary to close public access to our state’s beaches, and to close boat ramps and landings on our state’s lakes, rivers and waterways,” said Gov. Henry McMaster. “This is unfortunate for those who chose to responsibly follow the instructions of our public health officials, but it is a necessary action to prevent the spread of this dangerous virus.”

The governor’s executive order authorizes and instructs the S.C. Department of Natural Resources, in consultation with the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control and the Attorney General’s office, to provide any necessary supplemental guidance.

“This Section does not apply to individuals possessing a current, valid commercial fishing license or permit to the extent such individuals may seek to utilize or rely upon public piers, docks, wharfs, boat ramps, or boat landings in connection with commercial fishing activities,” the governor’s order reads.

The order does not impact the rights of private property owners living on beaches, lakes, rivers, or waterways in any way.