Hero's on the Hook Program Launched to Support Veterans and Active Duty Service Members |

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New Program “Hero’s on the Hook” Launched to Support Veterans and Active Duty Service Members in North Myrtle Beach

Wickedly Awesome Adventures has initiated a heartfelt program in North Myrtle Beach to honor and assist veterans and active-duty service members. Dubbed “Hero’s on the Hook,” this program is set to make a positive impact on the lives of those who have selflessly served our nation.

The program, scheduled to commence on Veteran’s Day, will initially operate as a once-a-month activity. During each outing, two veterans will have the opportunity to enjoy a fishing expedition at no cost. Organizers have expressed their aspiration to expand the program’s capacity in the future, allowing even more veterans and active-duty service members to participate.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of “Hero’s on the Hook” is its inclusivity. Any veteran or active-duty service member can apply to take part in this program. The only requirement is providing proof of service, ensuring that as many individuals as possible can benefit from this generous initiative.

This program not only offers a relaxing and enjoyable experience but also serves as a token of gratitude and recognition for the sacrifices made by veterans and active-duty service members. It showcases the strong sense of community and support that North Myrtle Beach and Wickedly Awesome Adventures are proud to offer to those who have served our nation.

As “Hero’s on the Hook” takes its first steps, it promises to be a meaningful and impactful addition to the North Myrtle Beach community, reinforcing the bond between civilians and those who have bravely defended our country.