Welcome to Owner Services where personal service is key

A Team You Can Trust

Our Owner Services team is streamlined to provide you with strategic, personal attention. Many of our team members are life-long residents of this area, and know what effectively markets in this community.

Unparalleled Service

You will be matched with an individual representative who will be your partner as you work and communicate with Thomas Beach Vacations. Together, you will define your personal rental plan, post your rental online, and get the bookings rolling in—RESULTS!

Values with Value

If you’re ready to get down to the core values of rental property management, contact our Owner Services Department today and talk with one of our specialists. You’ll immediately know you’re home.

“The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

Jacques Cousteau

  • "I truly would recommend Thomas Beach Vacations. My rep is the most pleasant and accommodating individual. If she is not available, the staff members are most helpful and responsive to requests. I highly recommend Thomas."
  • A Personal Commitment to You

    Your licensed Owner Services representative will:

    • Work with you to develop a strategic plan that meets your objectives and results in the highest return on investment.
    • Periodically assess your plan with you to review progress and make necessary adjustments.
    • Be your point of contact for managing larger, necessary repairs—whether through our Maintenance Department or through your preferred vendor.
    • Inform you of your standardized property rating reflecting rental industry trends.
  • And...

    • Provide recommendations on improvements and conditions to positively impact your property rating and the customer experience.
    • Review and suggest rates to yield maximum profit.
    • Provide you with feedback and survey data to keep you informed of guest experiences and expectations.
    • Remain current on industry trends to keep you in the most competitive position.
    • Request your owner stays via phone, email or OwnerNet.
  • "I recommend Thomas Beach Vacations as a first stop if anyone is looking for a quality rental service OR a vacation."
  • What makes TBV’s property management system different than the others?

    At TBV, what truly sets us apart is our staff of loyal, caring employees, many of whom have been with us 10+ years. We are dedicated to service, quality and exceeding owner expectations. We are a small, family-owned business that doesn’t strive to be the biggest, but to be the best. We are here to partner with you every step of the way!

  • Why should I choose to partner with TBV?

    There are numerous reasons to partner with us. The most important is results. Those results add up to:

    • Licensed and dedicated Owner Service representative who works with you to develop your strategic plan.
    • Our award-winning, highly-trained Guest Services team of professionals.
    • Professional in-house maintenance staff available 24/7.
    • Our high-standards for housekeeping, including our staff specialists and licensed contractors. We are a MB Hospitality Gold Star Award winner for Cleanliness for over 12 years.
    • An owner online portal gives you complete access to statements, calendars, statistics, news and more.
    • Our marketing of your property is diverse and dynamic. We utilize multiple platforms and reach thousands of prospects a day. We strategically communicate with our database, as well as continually obtain new leads and venues for outreach. We are an award-winning marketing team.
  • How do you encourage guests to return?

    TBV consistently markets to past guests. However, we truly believe the experience guests have while staying with us is key to a return visit. We provide outstanding service prior to arrival, during the stay and even post-stay. Guests are sent a survey following their stay in which feedback is used to improve future experiences.

    Our Thomas Vacation Club is a free club providing rewards and perks to members. Reward points can be redeemed toward future stays, free linens, show tickets, dinners, and much more.

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