Give, and it shall be given unto you. One excellent way to feel better and take the focus off of negative circumstances is to direct your attention to others. Even with self-isolation and social distancing, there are selfless acts that can mean much to others.

Neighbors who live alone or are elderly may experience more anxiety or loneliness right now. Surprise a neighbor with a plate of cookies or flowers on the front doorstep.

Show your children the rewards of reaching out. Have them create cards and drawings and slip them in the neighbor’s mailbox or put them on the front porch.

Did you make extra soup this week? Create a care basket for the neighbor with a soup bowl, crackers, candy, and a card.

If you have to run for groceries or necessities, call a neighbor and see if you can pick anything up for him or her. Even if they don’t ask for anything, surprise them.

Any extra effort, such as watering the neighbor’s flowers, getting the mail, or a phone call, can brighten the day. Challenging times call for communication and connections. Your spirits will be lifted, too.

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